Hand-Dipped Candles

Hand-Dipped Candles
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After many years of searching, we offer the finest hand-dipped candles available, made for the Ball & Claw in the time-honored way. All are dripless and smokeless. The 8" long tapers are sold as connected pairs at $7.95 per pair. The 10" long tapers are 8.95 per pair. Pure beeswax 10" tapers are $12.50 per pair. Some are slightly scented.

The colors shown are: white unscented, natural vanilla, pure beeswax, real bayberry, spice blue, unscented rose, and cranberry.

Other hard-to-find sizes are available by special order: 6”, 8” and 12" length tapers, and half tapers (slim) in 6” and 10” lengths. Please inquire.